Voice Recongnization

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There should be a signup pageLogin page for both user and admin. admin should be able to perform database operations such as adding/removing user and resetting


Main menu:

This screen should have the following menu selection.

Take Test –> user should be able to take test with recording and without recording.

Test Screen should display Time running in descending order from 08:00 with color animation from green to red. The app should notify the user with a alarm sound or vibration immediately after first four minutes are done and next notification after next 2 minutes done and a final notification when last 30 seconds remaining.

Note: There should be speech recognition and validation of the user.

The user should say i am Doctor Nicolas. I’m Doctor Nicolas. The user should not miss the introduction with his designation before his name. If the user says “I am Nicholas” then the test should be aborted and a pop screen should notify the user saying wrong way/missed introduction and prompt user to restart test.

-Practice Test–> user should be able to take test without time limit. Remaining everything as same with take test.

Sample Materials

Should be able to access sample pdf material and audio files.


– It should provide settings such as selection of alarm tone between various tones.

– also, a setting for selection of alarm tone on / off or silence/vibrate/on


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