67 Distributed Faulty Node Detection in Delay Tolerant Networks: Design and Analysis MOBILE COMPUTING JAVA/2018
68 Efficient Privacy-Aware Authentication Scheme for Mobile Cloud Computing Services MOBILE COMPUTING JAVA/2018


69 Identifying On-site Users for Social Events: Mobility, Content, and Social Relationship MOBILE COMPUTING JAVA/2018
70 Protecting Location Privacy for Task Allocation in Ad Hoc Mobile Cloud Computing MOBILE COMPUTING JAVA/2018


60 A Proxy-based Collaboration System to Minimize Content

Download Time and Energy Consumption

61 Detecting Mobile Malicious WebPages in Real Time MOBILE COMPUTING JAVA/2017
62 Quantifying Interdependent Privacy Risks with Location Data MOBILE COMPUTING JAVA/2017
63 Searching Trajectories by Regions of Interest MOBILE COMPUTING JAVA/2017
64 SUPERMAN: Security Using Pre-Existing Routing for Mobile Ad

hoc Networks

55 Energy and Memory Efficient Clone Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks MOBILE COMPUTING JAVA/2016
56 EPLQ: Efficient Privacy-Preserving Location-Based Query Over Outsourced Encrypted  Data MOBILE COMPUTING JAVA/2016
57 Secure Overlay Routing Using Key Pre-Distribution: A Linear Distance  Optimization Approach MOBILE COMPUTING JAVA/2016
58 Detecting Node Failures in Mobile Wireless Networks: A Probabilistic Approach MOBILE COMPUTING JAVA/2016